Jesus is not enough for most.

It's a hard concept to grasp unless you are forced to grasp it. Though there are few, a handful, that genuinly raise their hands and hearts and are enraptured by WHO God is and WHAT is awaiting for us in heaven. This world, weather you admit it or not, if you search deep in your heart, captures your affections and attentions to pull you in a direction that steals the spiritual desires away.

Understand this one thing: HE GAVE HIMSELF HIS EVERYTHING SO THAT WE CAN HAVE WHAT WILL BE FOREVER. "My flesh and my heart may fail BUT God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." psalm73:26

When entering a battle...

... if not properly suited, can result in death. A solider NEVER sits or lays or cries after being wouded. He is not distracted by the blood that drips from the wound the enemy gave, if it were so, it would be only the begining of more wounds. A solider chooses to PRESS in and foward, doing his duty in war.

When wounded, it's not that the solider does not see his wound or feel the constant pain of it, it's that he understands that he MUST CONTINUE TO FIGHT UNTIL THE BATTLE IS WON. At times the wounds are so severe and deep that I feel I could lose this battle and even at times not care if I did.

It is then when I realize that the hope of heaven is worth fighting for, even if it means misery on earth.

I will fight the good fight, I will finish this race I WILL KEEP MY FAITH.

Thank You Brent Yim my forever love for showing me how to be the bravest of soliders.
(No I did not steal this from a book. It is the raw pain that Jesus shows me these undeniable truths)

To whom or to where shall we go?

"Then Simon Peter answered Him, Lord, to WHOM shall we go? Thou hast the Words of ETERNAL LIFE!" -John 6:68

To whom or to where shall we go? WHAT will ever have an everlasting and or eternal satisfaction? David writes in the Psalms, as the King himself has all things, NOTHING will ever satisfy him the way God can. HE alone, in the depths of our hearths and souls, when we are alone, is the ONLY... one who can bring a PURE, genuine understanding of what it means to be satisfied.

When ALL else seems to not make sense or when misery enters the pit of your heart and soul HIS WORD is filled with PROMISES that we have to CHOOSE to cling to and by faith walk in! To Christ be the glory forever and ever Amen.

Andrea Yim

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When Brent first went to be with Jesus, I didn't think I could even survive my next breath. His mom would often tell me,...

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